POPVOX Issue Areas

How to use the issue areas on the POPVOX API

About issue areas:

Each message delivered through our API must be marked with a specific issue area code. The issue areas are consistent with what Congress considers to be top issue terms.

Issue area codes:

The following table lists the issue areas acceptable by the POPVOX API: Download CSV

Issue ID Issue Name
13597 Agriculture and Food
13481 Animals
13358 Armed Forces and National Security
13624 Arts, Culture, Religion
13321 Civil Rights and Liberties, Minority Issues
13637 Commerce
13525 Congress
13340 Crime and Law Enforcement
13124 Economics and Public Finance
13329 Education
13437 Emergency Management
13399 Energy
13330 Environmental Protection
13700 Families
13477 Finance and Financial Sector
13731 Foreign Trade and International Finance
13356 Government Operations and Politics
13304 Health
13375 Housing and Community Development
13346 Immigration
13422 International Affairs
13328 Labor and Employment
13404 Law
13377 Native Americans
13395 Public Lands and Natural Resources
13513 Science, Technology, Communications
13903 Social Sciences and History
13383 Social Welfare
13747 Sports and Recreation
13338 Taxation
13531 Transportation and Public Works
13390 Water Resources Development