Congress Members API

How to use the POPVOX API to get lawmaker ids

How to get destination IDs:

There are two ways POPVOX provides destination IDs for messages. Through our API or a simple CSV download.

Request destination ID via the API:

A simple GET request can be made to the following endpoint with parameters that correspond to the Congress Member:

A successful lookup of this member will result in the following json response:

      "response": "success",
      "members": [
          "member_id": 9172,
          "member_type": "Rep",
          "first_name": "Marsha",
          "last_name": "Blackburn",
          "party": "R",
          "state": "TN",
          "district": "7"

member_id is the property that should be used as the destination_id in a delivery request.

Note for Senate requests:

A request made for senate offices will result in two elements in the members array - one for each Senator.

The following paramters are used in this request:

  • type: rep or sen
  • state: The state this member represents
  • district: District this member represents (only include for House of Representatives)

In case wrong data is passed or a member isn't found - the following will be returned:

      "response": "error",
      "reason": "Member(s) not found"

Download CSV of all Congress Members:

You may find that it's more convenient to simply have a copy of all the member ID's as you use the API. If that's the case - use the button below to download a current version.

Download CSV